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Horizontal-fired Low NOx Process Burners by JLCC
Ultra-Low NOx boiler burner flame by JLCC

Vertical fire or horizontal, JLCC industrial process burners feature Low NOx and Ultra Low NOx process burner technologies and are designed for applications where unique problems need custom solutions.  We do not offer off-the-shelf burners but rather we custom design each burner to meet specific needs including our "fit-to-opening" approach so that you do not have to modify your equipment to fit our burner while staying competitively priced with our competition. 


All JLCC industrial process burners are engineered to meet both regulatory restrictions and client requests and in most cases are built with 100% 304/316/310 Stainless Steel or higher alloys for longer life and durability while eliminating paint specifications and red tape. Using our unique technology, air staging, and other combustion art methods, JLCC industrial burners are more efficient and produce some of the lowest emissions in the industry.

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