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Welcome to JLCC, Incorporated. We are glad you're here! I want you to know that our approach is not dictated by a narrow range of brand name products, or hampered by an inflexible methodology.  Our policy has always been to recommend the best-suited equipment for specific needs and operations. We can offer unique assistance that will save you considerable time and capital investment. 

JLCC is leading the way as industrial combustion & emission consultants in low emission industrial combustion. Located just east of Dallas Texas, we specialize in developing new and modifying existing industrial combustion equipment as well as new industrial combustion equipment sales, both process heater and boiler burners as well as upstream flaring technology that is generally not otherwise available. ​ Real Solutions will be proposed that are tailored to your specific conditions, and our team will work with you from the initial concept phase, through design, procurement, installation, and start up. 

JLCC was founded by long-time Global Combustion Pioneer and Consultant Jerry Lang many years ago. Jerry led the way in the 1990's NOx emission reduction requirements alongside many other combustion gurus including colleague James "Jim" Seabold. JLCC became incorporated  in 2001 after being Jerry Lang Combustion Consulting for so many years hence JLCC. JLCC has always been a solutions-oriented company focusing on the needs of petrochemical refining, chemical refining, midstream and upstream oil & gas, food and beverage, power, and other industrial markets using combustion in their process.

I have trained under and worked with Mr. Lang and Mr. Scott for over seventeen years and we continue to offer real flame solutions where problems exist.  Our industrial burner technology is solid and the core principles of even our newest burner technology, we have proven for decades.

Whatever your situation is, we are here to help you through it.


Brad Smith

President & CEO                                                                                                                                                 



Bradley Smith
President CEO & Consultant

Bradley Smith assumed the position of President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on March 1, 2014. Prior to this, he worked for Jerry Lang at JLCC under Dave Scott in Applications Engineering and Design, learning the technology, and managing day-to-day burner application design, manufacturing, and new product development.


Brad formerly owned his own firms where he was responsible for managing day-to-day sales, overseeing finance, operations, concept design and construction of projects, strategies, major projects, and corporate services.


Brad has over sixteen years of experience in design and finished product development as well as many years of experience in marketing and business. Throughout the years, Brad has worked on many projects as consultant to some of the largest companies in North America.


Brad always says “While my formal education is valued at only a few thousand dollars, my hands-on education working with Jerry Lang and Dave Scott is valued at much, much more.” Brad began working with Jerry on projects in 2003.


Since Brad began working directly with Jerry and Dave in combustion, fuel dilution and mixing, as well as applications design technology, modeling, and fabrication, he has been involved in new inventions and product development stages as well as proving new technologies that are now patented or patent-pending and maintain the leading edge in emission reduction technology that will be seen in the future.

Chris Sosa
Vice President & CFO

Chris Sosa assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in March 2014. Chris has been with JLCC for over fifteen years in management. His responsibilities have included finance, insurance, accounts payable department, accounts receivable department, contract negotiations, purchasing and inventory, risk management, and real estate.


Prior to joining Mr. Lang's team, Chris worked as an account representative both inside sales and outside sales. Chris also owned and operated advertising and marketing firms over the years. Chris was with LeTourneau Technologies for about five years in the early nineties in steel products.

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