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"It's Kind of Fun Doing the Impossible"

Walt Disney

​Jerry Lang
Mr. Lang has over 50 years of combustion experience, over 60 years of Fuel Dilution experience, and a strong background in refining processes as founder of JLCC, Incorporated. He is currently advising on several projects for refineries, oil and gas production combustion needs including efforts to lower emissions, and improve efficiencies, as well as testing methods and Expert Witness cases.

​Jerry has served as a consultant to virtually all the major oil companies and other industrial companies utilizing combustion in their processes including: Chevron, Texaco, Phillips, ARCO, Shell, Exxon, Mobil, Kraft, Delek Refining, Wyoming Refining, Calumet, LyondellBasell, and Dow Chemical.  He has developed technologies to improve efficiencies and retrofitted oil tanker ships for Exxon.  Jerry served as the combustion auditor for Chevron on their Richmond, CA nitrous oxide (NOx) reduction project, worth in excess of $300 million.

In 1967 Mr. Lang established a business where he developed the potential of several products related to combustion and incineration industries. Jerry worked as manager of combustion systems for Howe Baker Engineers and developed combustion equipment for refining operations. 

Jerry Lang was recruited by Dr. Edward Teller, known as "the father of the hydrogen bomb". Jerry worked along side Teller as an assistant during a four year period.  Dr. Teller had a grant to explore alternate fuels, and Jerry assisted him in combustion testing which included noise attenuation from the process.  This testing necessitated that he work in some of the most sophisticated labs in the world such as Oakridge, Brookhaven, Sandia, Livermore, and Intevep Venezuela.

Jerry and his team have extensive experience fuel dilution and designing equipment utilized in reducing emissions, vibration, and noise from stationary sources, such as refineries, power plants and other industrial operations.  He developed and produced some of the oil recovery equipment utilized during the Alaska oil spill in 1989.

Jerry Lang holds or is named on 30 patents including over 14 combustion related patents. Four patented emission reduction processes have been sold worldwide through licensing, bringing in total revenues of over 4 billion dollars.

Jerry attended the University of Texas in Austin, Arlington State College (now UT at Arlington), and has attended many technical schools all across the US. He passed the professional Engineering Exam in 1967 and received his Engineering License.  In addition to his course work Jerry has written many papers on combustion and emission reduction and won the “Best Paper Award” from ASME in 1992.

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