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JLCC has led the way as Consultants in Low Emission Combustion Technology for many years. Located just East of Dallas Texas, our lab specializes in additive and engine product testing and analysis and our Combustion Burner and Flare division in developing new combustion equipment that is generally not otherwise available. ​ Real Solutions will be proposed that are tailored to your specific conditions.  ​

Defining The Art of Combustion

JLCC will always be "Jerry Lang Combustion Consulting".  Mr. Lang and long-time Engineer Dave Scott have made quite an impression on the industry. Jerry is known World Wide for his ability to think outside of the box and Dave for his ability to design outside the box, together providing unique combustion solutions for over a hundred years.​
We have a team of individuals organically trained by Jerry Lang and Dave Scott in combustion principles including custom burner design, fuel dilution technology, and custom modifications on existing equipment. Welcome to our combustion test lab.


We offer testing, analysis, and consulting on combustion related products. ​
JLCC has tested hundreds of products over the years and has proven scientifically and mechanically that some products work and others do not work.
If you have a product that needs to be tested and proven in a lab and/or testing facility with JLCC's name behind it, we can help.
Most of the products we have tested have been for gasoline and diesel engines such as fuel additives, oil additives, and other combustion related products.
Additionally, we have tested products on natural gas engines.
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Engine Block Pressure Testing
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