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We find many industrial process burners still in operation and in desperate need of repair. While most combustion companies only offer new industrial burners as an option which gets into higher costs associated with detailed engineering, upgrading controls, and re-permitting... JLCC offers a much different approach.



In some cases an elevated level of performance is desired by our clients. In these situations we can add to or modify a part of the industrial process heater or boiler burner and achieve the desires of the operation such as modified firing rate for capacity, NOx levels, as well as many more.



New Burner Replacement is sometimes the only option to achieve the performance desired, mostly when an existing burner is really old and its lifespan is over. Other times, plant expansion and other new equipment or modifications call for a new industrial burner.




JLCC, a leading consulting group in Low Emission Industrial Combustion, is located just East of Dallas Texas in the US specializing in Industrial Combustion Products, Industrial Burner Services, and various Combustion Efficiency Consulting projects including industrial process burners, industrial burner services such as  Refurbishing, Retrofitting, tuning, balancing, and Replacement of new industrial process burners and upstream flare systems. We offer a wide range of industrial burner products and services from standard burners to Ultra-Low NOx Burners. Some industrial burners such as large boiler burners are available and we develop new and modify existing industrial combustion equipment that is generally not otherwise available.


We have developed and offer a full line of Quad-Oa compliant smokeless flare systems both pressure-assisted flares as well as air-assisted flares. Our flares and combustors meet the needs of oilfield flaring requirements.


Real Solutions will be proposed that are tailored to your specific process needs and conditions.

We offer Combustion products & services including:


  • Industrial Burner Services, Tuning, Balancing

  • Combustion Consulting

  • Industrial Burner Repair and Refurbishing

  • Low NOx and Ultra-Low NOx Retrofit designs

  • Ultra-Low NOx Burners, Low NOx Burners

  • Process Burners for Industrial Boilers and Heaters


  • Smokeless Flares and Quad-O Flares

  • Pressure-assist Flares - open flame

  • Air-assist Flares - open flame

  • Combustors - Enclosed Combustion

  • Industrial Burner Services


We believe Engineering is defined as the practical application of scientific principles. Education provides the scientific principles, but the practical application requires a great degree of art. Art comes from experience and the ability to visualize the problem. That's what we do.

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